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"I carve my facade" 

... is the motto of my next art project. Facade design with symbols (snake, sun, lotus flower, spiral, Mercury, heart...) - for this I collect donations via Crowdfunding International. These are used to purchase materials. The entire house should be creatively designed inside and out (e.g. with mosaics, aerated concrete carvings, painting) and offer space for creativity. 
The house also serves as a display object for various materials. From processing to area of application to creative design options. Natural materials such as tadelakt, clay, wood... are processed, as are the company's products.Ecoconcrete 

Here you can support the project and also carry your heart's desire into the world and collect donations: Cowdfunding International - Creations
Thanks to everyone who supports this vision and creation!

The meaning of the symbols and colors

The symbols were deliberately chosen and reflect the circle of life and tell a story. This will be different for each person based on their own experiences. 

The White Snake stands for creation, cycle, death and rebirth, fertility, infinity and duality, purity, protection. She will have protective piercing blue eyes made of gemstones. The snake's head will be sculpted and will protrude approx. 12 cm from the facade. The color white represents consciousness, purity and depth of soul.

The symbolic meaning of the Sun stands for endurance and greatness, light, stability and wisdom. It represents the spiritual center, symbolizes body & Spirit. With the clockwise spiral In the center, growth, advancement, progress, deification, life are represented. The sun symbol should have a golden hue and symbolize, among other things, joy.

Mercury is the communicating symbol, but also knowledge, wisdom, bringer, transformation. The symbol should have a golden hue and symbolize wealth (holy kraal).

This Heart stands for passion, sensuality, love and compassion underlined by the red color. 

The Lotus flower stands for enlightenment, prosperity, beauty, eternal youth, divinity, purity of speech, mind and body .... is a symbol of happiness. Purple is considered the color of mind, spirituality, magic and extravagance.
.... However, you can find many other meanings, but what is much more important is - What does it tell you? 

construction materials

All symbols and borders of the entrance doors and windows on the ground floor are carved from aerated concrete. The trunk of the lotus flower will be tiled with mosaic tiles.
In the interior of the shop, the sales desk, shelves, changing room and clothing presentation were largely made of aerated concrete.


Start of construction and period

The plan is to begin the initial work in spring 2019. Carving takes place over a total of 3 months on 4 days for around 3 hours, depending on the weather. Progress will be documented and tracked online.


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